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Selling your home is a very big step in your life’s journey. You are not only selling a piece of property but you are selling a place where you have long lasting memories. The Bash team recognizes this and strives to provide amazing service and develop long lasting relationships.

At Bash, our motto is designing extraordinary moments. We believe that houses are more than properties. They are where life’s special moments happen. In this process you will find that we extreme care into selling your home and finding your next special place.

The Bash Experience

How We Work


You Have Decided To Sell

Now that you have decided to sell, you need to answer a few questions.

 When do you need it sold by?

What is the current market like?

What are my future plans?

All of these elements will play a vital role in your motivation and ability to sell. Luckily for you, I can walk you through each one of these questions, so no need to stress about them.


Setting Your Price

This step is probably the most important step and why having the best real estate agent matters. Pricing your house competitively will determine whether or not you maximize the sold price. At Bash, we give you the honest truth about what your home will sell for.

This best way to start this process is to have me come by and give you a home valuation. I will use a variety of factors to give you a true fair market value for your home.


Listing Your House

There are a lot of elements that go into getting your house listed for sale. The good news for you is Bash Real Estate will handle all that for you. I will prepare you to sell by discussing curb appeal, repairs to be made, staging, and disclosures and inspections.

Once we have your house listed, I will take care of the rest. I will attract buyers to your house in order to get your house sold.


Accepting The Best Offer

The best offer is not always the highest offer despite what you have been lead to believe. Real estate transactions involve many different terms and conditions which could affect the final price. Having Bash on your side means we do the heavy lifting for you, so you know exactly what each offer entails.

I will walk you through all the agreements, keep a written record of everything, and make sure everyone sticks to the schedule.


Inspections, Appraisals, and Closing

The next step is having the buyers do inspections and appraisals. This can be a stressful time without an expert agent. At Bash, our number one goal is to protect you and your interests.

I will educate you on the inspection report as well as any contingencies that may arise. Myself and the entire Bash team will be there by your side until the transaction closes.


Buying Your Next Home

Chances are we will have already started this process but if not we will begin looking for your next home. The benefit to living in Kansas City is there is a diverse landscape of communities and houses.

We will set up a search and tour houses that meet your criteria. Once we find your dream home, I will walk you through the process submitting an offer to closing. The Bash team prides ourselves on designing extraordinary moments for you.

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